Augmented Reality

A growing technology that enables clients to quickly deploy best Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

Use advanced technology to make AR synergistic & digitally manipulative

Data Analytics

In the high-adoption scenario, the economic impact of VR/AR is forecast to
amount to 29.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020

User Registration

Know your users closely by enrolling them in a moment

User Profile

  • Add, edit profile details
  • Easy to have your Favorite List
  • Scan Issues and earn reward points
  • A personal touch to all the magazine issues

Amazing UI/UX Features

Gives more flexibility & potential outcomes to the user as it doesn't need to show a head-mounted display

Creates the best design that makes easy to find and navigate

Reality goes Augmented

Takes User To The Next Level Of Reality With AR9, don’t make them read. Show them with Virtual Dimension

  • News Papers
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Hoardings

Hear Consumer’s Voice

Discover New Possibilities With Technology

  • Open Website/URL
  • Play Video
  • Take Survey
  • Promote Special Offers
Customers Love
Your Collections
  • Customized Reports For Every Single Activities
  • Strong Data Insight
  • Back Your Business Decisions With Super Solid Data

In-depth Analysis
of Every Move

Every Customer is a Stake Holder

  • Shows Reader listings along with their contact details
  • Shows Active / Inactive status of specific Reader

Data Management Center controls Important data

  • Upload
  • Edit
  • Manage

Create & Manage Users

  • Manage users according to their roles
  • Edit, delete users

Roles & Responsibilities of Every Single User

  • Manage specific roles & permissions
  • Assigned certain permissions based on user’s role

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