Technical Support Provider Company in India

Boost Your Business with Incredible Support

Each and every part of an engine needs regular lubrication, check up and services for outstanding performance, excellent average and enduring life. Just like that, your IT software products should be under continuous technical support & maintenance for the good health of your business.

Would you invest your time in your day to day technical issues and maintenance or handover this to an expert who can save your time and allow you to focus on your core business? 9series is one of the leading mobile application support provider company in India, we are having a strong hold on technical support and maintenance services. Our deep knowledge of various technologies, timeliness, and affordable pricing model helped a client to reduce their daily overhead and operational cost drastically.

9series technical support and maintenance services are designed in such a way that it helps organizations to increase efficiency, drive high-performance, reduce system downtime and extend the life of an application or product. Our technical services are

  • Level 1 - Installation to Navigation
  • Level 2 - Monitoring to Technical Support
  • Level 3 - Tracking, Testing & Verification
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Enhancement

In Level 1: we take care of basic customer issues, we accumulate as much information as possible from the end user as it beneficial to analyze the symptoms of the problem or issue. Our services do not end at installation & configuration but after installation, our talented team also supports for navigation assistance.

In Level 2: we undertake support for monitoring ticket log. Our technical support team guide on implementing Break-Fix or corrective and also facilitates with Emergency support which serves during emergency issues. Our experienced and expertise team assist you for consultation and technical support to end-users.

In Level 3: we are responsible for handling the most obscure or advanced problems and issues. Here, our team analyze issues comprise of Level 1 & 2 and perform further research based on that. We do expert level analysis, troubleshooting and deliver the root cause analysis report.

As part of preventive maintenance services, our developers deliver frequently occurring issues of documentation, extensive app testing in Ideal & pick a time and fix bugs, suggest possible solutions which will you help to magnify apps functionality/performance, execute and recommend changes for applications and many more such things.

Our skilled engineers implement major and minor enhancements to apps based on an evaluation of application performance and functionality and also suggest you possible as well as best Alternative Solutions for the System.

Contact us for all your software technical support and maintenance requirement.