Machine Learning Development Services in usa and kenya

“Machine learning has been derived beyond the territory of research and development directed by born-digital companies. A boost in the digital data conjoined with easy approachability for developing self-learning technological solutions that facilitate organizations to exploit the potential of machine learning. As the growing demand for machine learning driven business is accomplishing new heights, companies need to comply with the changes to avoid risk and stay ahead in the competition”

Machine learning is an important section of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows software applications to solve problems that are unstructured in nature. Developed on the algorithm that is capable of receiving input data and also use the statistical analysis machine learning solutions leverage systems by giving them access to data and adapt changes through various experiences.

Machine Learning services in india

Machine Learning Development Services

Machine learning comes with a huge scope and when you apply the same to your current business model the amount of information it will fetch will not be possible to extract and collect otherwise. 9series uses deep learning, natural language processing and neural networks that help to replicate human decision making and allow the solutions to learn in real-time. We provide various services under machine learning such as:

  • Image Analysis
  • Text Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Support & Maintenance

Image Analysis

Image Tagging: The algorithms used in machine learning makes it easy to identify faces or objects in a picture that you tag manually. Very similar to when you upload a picture on FB and they give you suggested tags on the faces they recognize. This reduces the task to add tags manually. It is helpful in the organization where operators will not have to do repetitive tasks.

Optical Character Recognition: In optical character recognition the algorithms used are able to identify certain images as a written character and also able to convert the scanned text documents into digital files for various use like data grouping and image processing.

Text Analysis

Sentiment Analysis: With this, you can easily classify the opinion of a writer expressed in a positive, negative or neutral way. You can read the behaviour or the sentiments of the writer which can further be used in future marketing strategies or even while developing a product.

Information Extraction: Information extraction like names, addresses, keywords or web links gets easy with the algorithms used here.

Filtering: Filtering text with machine learning gets easy. It can easily classify data into tweets, chats, spam post, post, and blogs. It is very helpful to those companies where there is a heavy flow of social content on daily basis.

Improved content discovery: With Machine learning, you get intelligence into what kind of content users are likely to follow and read and based on their interests and reading patterns, you can suggest articles that are aligned to their interest. In this way, you can create a more immersive and personalized experience for your users.

Data Analysis

Predictions: With machine learning predictions get easy. It especially helps banks to analyse credit and profitability of loan seekers and defaulters. Other predictions are related to trading, market volatility and risk management.

Anomaly detection:Fraud has increased so has detection of such activities increased too. It is now easy to detect fraud easily when there are some transactions outside the usual ones and create some doubt then they can be warned before the fraud takes place. This detection can also allow all e-commerce or online businesses to be able to block fraud or fake ids.

Data Visualization

With machine learning algorithms drawing insights and predictions from the huge data gets very easy. Collecting data is not enough, it is important that the data is readable and helps in making critical decisions. Data visualization is a very important factor of ML that allows the reader to read the information in the easiest and readable ways and make decisions easily.

Support & Maintenance

We use agile methodologies that enable to maintain your apps with speedy software updates, lesser resources, decreased cycle times and lower defect rates. We provide 24x7 alert and dashboard monitoring, smoke testing postcode deployment, customer specific and product specific knowledge base to enable easy incident cause & resolution and a dedicated support coordinator.

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Technical Expertise

There may be various technologies in ML, but we are experts in TensorFlow that is used widely by everyone. It is easy to understand and use.


TensorFlow is an open source system from Google for ML learning processes. The highlight about TensorFlow is that it picks the correct language. It has been written in C++ and developed for speed. The main uses of TensorFlow are:

Voice Recognition

It is popular for sound-based applications. If correct data is fed, the neural networks have the ability to understand audio signals.

Image Recognition

TensorFlow has object recognition algorithms that classify & identify random objects within the bigger images.

Video Detection

TensorFlow’s neural networks can detect the video data. This is done with the help of Motion Detection, Security, Real-Time Threat Detection in Games & Airports.

  • TensorFlow
  • Voice Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Video Detection

Complete Analysis

Our team does a complete analysis of the needs and requirements for Machine Learning of your organization. Based on the analysis our experts start to work on the same.

Skilled Resources

We provide you with skilled resources to determine your ML models. They make sure that everything is as per your business model and requirement.

Project Delivery

Our team ensures to deliver you the project on time delivery of your machine learning projects.