9series, as a web and mobile application development company, has put together a blueprint of how we practice online data protection. This page on privacy policy describes the information that we collect when you, a user visits the website. It also explains why we collect that information and what benefits it contains for the users. Whenever you visit any of the subpages of the website, contact the site by sending emails or filling the form, and apply for a job – we collect some information about our users. This policy also describes how we will use that data and how you can control the personal data you share with us. It also outlines how we use the cookies received from you.

Data Collection and Usage

We collect the user data and information like your:

  • Full name, job position, contact details like email, phone numbers,

  • Demographics like residing country. preferences and interests,

  • Device and browser data like IP address, Operating System, Browser type, and system information.

  • Additional data like visited web pages, URLs are also collected as that is useful for conducting customer surveys.

We use the collected data to improve customer experience and cater to the service requests accurately. The data serves as a significant factor to enhance user experience on the site and understand how our users utilize different services provided by us. We also use such data and the feedback provided by users to bring improvement in our products and services. We never reveal your payment credentials and details to any third party (except the parties that are connected to process them). This information may also be used for conducting promotional contests, new surveys, or adding any new site feature.

Email addresses are essential from staying in contact with users. They are used for informing them of any information related to their inquiries. Users can choose to receive such emails containing company news, updates to new features, service-related information within the mailing list. Users can decide to opt-out of receiving such emails in the future by clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email.

Why and How the Data is Collected and Processed

We collect and process data only when you have given your consent for complying with legal procedures, and it is in our genuine interests. For compiling and processing such data, we have different ways to do so. These ways include maintaining and organizing, storing and utilizing, structuring, changing, and adapting, retrieving and consulting, aligning, merging, and destroying, transferring, and disseminating. Transferring data to other business partners and countries is only for developing better skills and strictly no other purpose other than the mentioned above. All these ways would be bound and limited to the authorization under the terms of data protection laws.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are sent from a website that you visit or use. and get stored on the computer. Once you allow and give your consent to use them, the file is added to the computer. These cookies are stored on the hard drive to maintain records. We use such cookies and data to detect patterns of user traffic and enhance the user experience. It helps us analyze which pages are the most helpful for our visitors and users.

Moreover, cookies also help us to serve personalized and customized content to our users based on the user’s browsing history. There is an option in your web browsers from where you can enable or disable them for every site you visit. You can also choose to get alerts when a website wants to use cookies. Please note that if you don’t agree to send cookies, some functions or features of the site may not work correctly.

Our website uses different types of cookies that serve distinct reasons:

Third-party Cookies: Such cookies are for third-parties that help them in tracking and managing websites, advertisements, visitors, effectively. More information on the usage of such cookies can be read on the relevant third-party websites. Some of the examples of such cookies are sb, xs, spin, etc.

Functional cookies: These cookies are helpful for the visitors and users in enabling them to browse through our website, subpages, and features. Such cookies ensure that you use the site appropriately without any glitches and also authorize in accessing secured parts of websites. Some of the examples of such cookies are wp-settings-X, SID, PHPSESSID, etc.

Analytical and other cookies: Such cookies are used for improving the efficiency of all our web pages, collecting relevant information about the visitors’ usage of the website, most visited pages. They also inform us whether there were any error messages displayed or how many such messages were there. Examples include _ga, _gid, etc.

These cookies are further divided into persistent cookies and session cookies, depending on their validity and time. Persistent cookies stored by a browser are valid till they expire, as far as the user doesn’t delete them before their expiry. And a session cookie gets expired as soon as a user ends his/her session after closing the browser. We guarantee you that these cookies and collected data is only used for internal analysis. After that, such information is erased from the system. Cookies can never give us access to use your computer in any way, or any information that you don’t want to share.

We Protect your Data

We request you to please read this policy carefully before agreeing to browse the site. Our data processing strictly adheres to the data protection and data privacy laws, and we do not collect any personal data without consent. The only aim to collect and use this information is to operate efficiently and provide our users with the best services.

The privacy policy forms an essential part of our company, and we might update it from time to time. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at: [email protected]